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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Open Source Code

RomcoMail by RK
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Description: RomcoMail is a simple PHP script for sending form information via email. It is well documented and trivial to set up. Simply paste this script to the top of your form and change a few varibles or use the demo form provided.

Please email me at if you can help.

Webmasters, if you want to offer this script please link to this page and not the script. That way you can be sure your surfers are getting the newest versions.

Updated 7/5/2001 ! Download Ver 1.1 12k


Description: SpiderCheck is an incomplete (but working) script for detecting when search engines visit your site.This allows you to change your content accordingly. (AKA search engine cloaking). Having an understanding of how search engines work is wise before using this script (or any cloaking script) as you can get your web site banned from search engines if you are not careful. Some PHP knowlege is required to use this script.

Download Ver 0.1a 8k

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